Project-Based Learning

Les Enfants d'Abord’s project-based learning programs are designed to supplement what is missing from the education system in Senegal. At public and private schools in Thiès, there are not enough notebooks and textbooks to go around. Frequently, students have to stand in class because there are not enough desks. Classrooms are over-crowded and have extremely high student-to-teacher ratios. Teaching is largely lecture-based and focuses on rote memorization rather than conceptual understanding. Any kind of active student involvement, including inquiry-based learning, hands-on projects, and group discussions, are rare.

Our programs prepare children for future success in education and the workforce.

At ​Les Enfants d'Abord, our programs give students opportunities to learn by doing. We focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math which are both a natural fit for experiential learning and also will set our children up to be competitive in the job market. Through conducting scientific experiments, planning and giving presentations to live audiences, group work, and expressing themselves through art, our students engage in academics in fun and challenging ways. Our units are always thoughtfully designed to promote problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

As with all of our programs, we seek to engage marginalized groups. Our enrollment is 65% female, 35% male, with 55 children enrolled who are not enrolled in other schools and rely on begging for food when they are not at our center.