Addressing the Recent Increase in Violence Against Children in Senegal

Les Enfants d'Abord was founded to assist in the healthy development of children. The recent increase in violence against children in Senegal cannot be tolerated. Our organization is working tirelessly to engage with law enforcement, policy makers, community leaders, and families so that our resources are used in the most effective way to combat this troubling increase in child-related violence. 

We have launched an educational campaign to teach communities how to better protect their children. This includes identifying safe spaces in which children can play, encouraging stronger parental oversight, and urging community members to report anything unusual to local authorities and only interfere when it is safe to do so.

This article from Seneweb explains the current situation. It is in French. For other translations, please paste the link into

Parts 1 & 2 of FAHU High School's English Club (Thiès) Speaking About the Recent Violence Against Children & The March Organized by Les Enfants d'Abord

Valentin Faye, President of Les Enfants d'Abord in Thiès Senegal, Speaks to Thiès FM Radio About the Recent Violence

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