Early-Childhood Education

Play-Based Learning

Our early-childhood education program is developed around a child's natural motivation to play. By using playing as a way to learn, children are active, exploring, creating, and discovering. 

Our trained teachers work to foster an environment that encourages children to challenge themselves and think about what they are doing. While each child may choose the toy with which they want to play at that moment, our teachers are there to develop the learning experience by asking questions and talking with each child about what they are working on. Our teachers know the importance of developing a child's imagination and the implications it has on problem-solving and creative thinking later in life.

Our classroom is full of safe and age-appropriate toys that help us to execute our play-based learning program. These toys include blocks, dolls and stuffed animals, toy cars, play houses, puzzles, and group activities. 

Some of the older kids help to set up the early-childhood classroom (and sneak in some play time) at our Thiès school building.


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