Donation Wish List

Sometimes it is easier to donate items than it is to donate money. We understand that and would love to accept your donations of items in good working condition!

If you would like to donate anything you find on this list, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label and a receipt for the fair market value of your donation for tax purposes. One we receive it, we will ship it to our students in Senegal!

Contact us at to get started!

Our Wishlist


French language books for children ages 15 and younger

ESL textbooks for children ages 15 and younger

Science experiment kits

Puzzles and board games that require strategy and thought

Decks of playing cards

DVDs of movies or TV shows appropriate for children (French or French subtitles)

Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Regular Pens & Pencils

Poster Board & Construction Paper

Materials to decorate classrooms

Old computers and computer accessories

Sports equipment (soccer and basketball primarily)

Clothing & Shoes

Office Supplies

If you have something else that you think would be useful, please email us!