Community Basketball League

In the summer of 2017, Les Enfants d'Abord created a community basketball league with the goal of providing a safe and positive space for neighborhood children to play. By doing so, they develop teamwork skills, build self-esteem, and take a break from an otherwise difficult day, often spent begging for food and money. 

While the league is open to all children, it was created with the talibé in mind. The talibé are children who suffer greatly in Senegal at the hands of their corrupt school leaders. One cannot spend a day in any Senegalese city without seeing these children, often malnourished and poorly-clothed, begging on the streets.


Les Enfants d'Abord exists to help all children and as our resources grow, we will be able to focus more effort on fighting to eliminate this form of child abuse in Senegal. You can learn more about the talibé by clicking here.